"...over and out!"

The Assimilation! mission is over. Thanks to everyone for their support from 2001 to 2003, including the DJs for dropping some excellent sets, and most of all, everyone who made Assimilation! their regular hangout on Thursdays. You've all been brilliant. In the meantime, here's the complete musical snapshot:

[ EBM/Industrial Gothic Metal/Rock 80s/synthpop ]
from regular orbiting DJs: [ Nils Dave Avalon Christopher Alan Spanker Steve Fross John ]
and guest DJs on slingshot: [ Rev.J Sexbat Lee/Chaos Engine Rex THP Deirdre James ]

You can still search the DJ setlists to see what you missed, and please do contact us to comment on previous nights, and hear what the Assimilation! crew is up to next.